On the Spanish shores
On the Spanish coast, among the Russian-speaking customers, the most popular are the areas of Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa del Sol. Here are beautiful sandy beaches, clear sea,…

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Lviv residents are in no hurry to buy housing in the country. A square meter in a cottage town costs $ 760–790
In the cottage town in Solonets, seven kilometers from Lviv, construction work is being completed. 34-year-old Lviv resident Alexander Boychuk in 2004 began his own construction in the village of…

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Profitability requirements
The fact that today's investments in suburban real estate promises considerable profit in the future to any participant in this market segment is noteworthy. Prices for objects annually only increase,…

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Intelligent building (part 1)

 Technological progress does not stand still. If we consider the issue of introducing the technology of “Intelligent Buildings” on the example of Western companies, then it has become quite customary for them to offer automation services for a building or apartment.
For us, this is a kind of know-how. Although recently the Ukrainian market of automated systems “Smart Home / Office” and “Intelligent Building” is undergoing some changes. If not so long ago in Ukraine, according to rough estimates, the users of these systems were about 0.01%, but now they are about 0.08-0.1%.

The reason for the increase in demand is mainly in the increase and expansion of construction volumes.Due to the economic situation in our country, Ukrainians have the opportunity to feel like Europeans. They began to pay more attention to comfort, common European life and all kinds of innovations.

However, despite the existence of such systems, information about them is still not enough. More recent disagreements in the definitions of “Smart Home” and “Intelligent Building” have already been resolved, but the concept of “Intelligent Office” is still at the cognitive stage, both by consumers and by the operators themselves, who can tell about all the advantages and advantages of systems only theoretically. To date, not a single office center has been created in Ukraine with a 100 percent use of the Intelligent Office Building system. There are only local applications that can perform some of the simplest functions.

The use of systems for presentation rooms is only a part taken out of a large and complex engineering system that can independently carry out only certain functions.

Intelligent Building

The office building, in which all the systems were competently designed and connected at the project stage, can and should function independently, without human help. These requirements are put forward by European companies for the construction of class A office premises.

The ability to automate engineering equipment (ventilation, air conditioning, energy management, lighting, elevators, security and alarm systems), water supply, security and safety systems, traffic control systems, conveyor systems management facilitates the management work, eliminates the influence of the “human factor”.

The main features of the Intelligent Building system are:

• communication and intelligent functions are provided by the central control module;
• total volumes are grouped and use the same functional addresses;
• the principle of communication in the system is not based on “events” – data is exchanged continuously;
• data is transmitted across all network nodes simultaneously;
• each node operates autonomously, regardless of the addressing of other nodes.

As a result, the customer receives a self-sufficient system capable of informing about the state of the system and possible breakdowns. In addition, there are also a number of factors that are more profitable from an economic point of view: reducing the cost of cable laying, failure of electrical appliances in the event of an unexpected power outage is minimized, the systems are “linked” to each other, which ensures their joint operation.

However, such large-scale implementation projects have not yet been implemented in Ukraine for a number of reasons. The most important issue is the limited financial ability of companies. This affects projects and proposals in new office centers, where the profitability of buildings does not allow the use of these systems at the construction stage. After office space is sold or leased, the installation of such a system is more complicated, which increases the cost by several times and, ultimately, the system is not implemented at all.

All designed and constructed buildings are conventionally divided into three main groups, then the systems used will also be modified depending on the required parameters.

The Building Management System (BMS) is used to manage the infrastructure of large buildings and facilities. The main objective of the system used is to ensure reliability and continuity, reduce operating costs and ensure long-term operation of the equipment.

The installations used in residential buildings are systems whose primary task is not saving, but comfort, safety and image.

A local application implies the use of either one technology function in the entire building (only light, climate control, surveillance function), or several functions – in one building of the building (meeting room).

Local solutions using the Smart Home / Office system

According to operators, office automation is a “panacea” in solving many problems. However, the concept of “office automation” is interpreted by market operators as a local system to simplify work in conference rooms during presentations or seminars.

Intelligent building (part 1)
 Technological progress does not stand still. If we consider the issue of introducing the technology of "Intelligent Buildings" on the example of Western companies, then it has become quite customary…


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