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Water shortages

Today it is not so easy to buy a plot from a reservoir in the vicinity of the capital – land and water holdings are in short supply and are not delayed in the market. Where are these sites located and how much does the land with access to water cost? What are the features of such land holdings?

And what does the law on the development of “drive” territories say?

Both the Dnieper and the lakes …

Today, a fairly large number of existing or under construction cottage towns in the vicinity of Kiev offer plots with access to a reservoir – a river or a lake. And some towns, given the interest of buyers in suburban real estate of this format, provide their territories with artificial lakes.

What towns can boast of access to water? In the Boryspil direction – “Cherry Town” (lakes, Dnieper Bay); “Reserve-1” (artificial lake); “Zoloche” (Dnipro Bay); “Cape Verde” (Dnieper Bay); “Lybid” (Dnieper Bay).

In the Vyshgorod direction, in the area with. Khotyanovka, are located “Vyshgorod Brahma” (Dnieper canal) and “Cozy” (lake).

Zhytomyr direction is represented by three cottage villages located on the shores of lakes – “Yasnoozernoye”, “Severinovka” and “Ozernoye”.

In Odessa direction (the region of Kryukovschina – Boyarki) is the “City of the Sun”, the creators of which also organized an artificial lake.

Obukhovskoe direction, a kind of premium class – the most developed and popular. Here are: “Golden Gate” (lake) and “Pine forest” (Kozinka river), as well as “Klim” and “Sobi” (both on the Dnieper).

In the vicinity of the capital, “independent” (outside the structure of cottage villages) houses with access to water, in addition to Kiev (the private sector of Osokorkov), are located in the Vyshgorod direction in the village of. Khotyanovka, in the Kiev Sea region, in the direction of the Staroobukhovskaya highway – in Kozin, Koncha-Zaspa, Plyutakh, in the Ukrainian region.

In addition, plots in the vicinity of the villages of Pogreby, Zazimye, Pukhovka, located on the banks of the Desna, have been developed and are being developed. Demand for land plots in these territories is constantly growing – the Desna River is considered a relatively clean river, and territorially these lands are close to Kiev, and the roads are quite free.

Most of these territories are located within a radius of 10-30 km from the capital. However, these lands are almost full, so experts suggest an intensification of the “migration” of private landowners to longer distances. In anticipation of the excitement and rising prices, interest in plots in the vicinity of the capital increased up to the 100-kilometer zone and beyond. The most far-sighted even today are looking at sites on the banks of the Ros River, further along the banks of the Desna, around the numerous lakes of the Kiev region, etc.

The developers of cottage towns predict the emergence of several dozen new projects around Kiev in the next few years. So, it is planned to develop the coastal environs of Ukrainka and Tripoli, the Dnieper left bank, the Desna coast and the Kiev reservoir are being intensively mastered.

We will not stand for the price

Of course, the access of the site to the reservoir increases its status, and hence the cost. It is of great importance
and type of pond. Land with access to a large body of water, such as the Dnieper, is valued more expensive, because it gives ample opportunities to engage in water sports (jetski, water skiing, etc.). This is especially true for yachting.

In this regard, undoubtedly, the owners of the plots on the Kozinka River, which are “richly” blocked by bulk dams, are suffering.

On the other hand, large bodies of water, especially rivers, are not always clean and suitable for swimming. Thus, in the National Program for the Environmental Improvement of the Dnieper Basin and Improvement of the Quality of Drinking Water (1995, according to the results of studies), it was noted that the ecological state of the Dnieper itself, reservoirs and small rivers (in particular, Desna, Irpen, Rosi) are negative. The permissible level of radiation, the content of nitrogen, pesticides, and the high content of oil products and heavy metals exceed the norms. And the cleanliness of the reservoir often greatly affects the choice of the buyer.

Perhaps these factors, along with marketing ones (the “water” section is more expensive), also caused the developers of cottage villages (for example, “Zapovednoy-1”, “Golden Gate”) to create artificial reservoirs – lakes or canals.

So, what is the average cost to pay per site
with the “coast”? Undoubtedly, the price will depend on both the location and the “coolness” of the object.

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