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How to create a condominium

In order to create an association of co-owners of an apartment building, it is necessary that more than 50% of the apartments in the house be privatized.

Apartment owners who want to create an association of co-owners of an apartment building (condominium) should:

Step 1. Create an “initiative group” that will take responsibility (in the initial stages) of legal, organizational and preparatory work related to the creation of the association:

* select and process the legislative framework;
* carry out explanatory work with the apartment owners; – make a list of owners of apartments and non-residential premises who wish to create an association; – prepare a draft of constituent documents: the charter of the association; minutes of the constituent assembly; list of members of the constituent assembly; list of owners of apartments and non-residential premises; table for calculating the share of participation in the association; financial plan; rules for living and using the common property of the house; – notify in writing the owners of apartments and non-residential premises about the date, time and place of the constituent assembly 30 calendar days before it.

Step 2. Hold a constituent assembly, at which it is necessary to consider such issues:

* Creation of an association of co-owners, determination of its name and legal address;
* election of the board, the audit commission and the authorized person responsible for registration;
* consideration and approval of the charter;
* the size of the share of each co-owner in the costs in connection with the creation of the association (funds necessary for the preparation and registration of constituent documents, making a seal, stamp, opening an account, etc.);
* determination and approval of the share of each co-owner in total costs;
* the creation of a working group to develop the first annual estimates of the income and expenses of the association;
* other issues.

Step 3. Submit the following documents for registration of the association of co-owners of apartment buildings:

* application for registration (free form);
* constituent documents; the protocol of the constituent assembly, in which the decision of the co-owners of the house on the creation of the association is recorded; approved charter (original and five copies); – notarized copies of documents proving ownership of the apartment, residential and non-residential premises;
* A list of co-owners of the house and the premises that they own.

Step 4. Make stamps and stamps.

To obtain permission for their manufacture, you must submit to the district police station:

* statement;
* thumbnails of print and stamps;
* copies of constituent documents.

After obtaining permission, the seal and stamp are made for a fee.

Step 5. The union must be registered in:

* statistical office;
* tax inspection (why do you need to submit copies of constituent documents to these institutions).

Step 6. Open an account in one of the banks.

Step 7. After opening a current account, the association must also register in:

* pension fund;
* employment fund;
* regional fund for labor protection;
* Regional social insurance fund.

If the “co-owners” have gone through all the “steps” in the indicated sequence, then the association is ready to start operations.

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