The Buyer’s Agent’s Role

Typically half of the fee for listing a home is paid to the buyer’s agent, sometimes called the selling agent. In Washington State, the buyers agent’s responsibility is to help the buyers purchase a home for as little as possible. Buyer’s agents locate qualified buyers for homes. They are responsible to sit down with potential buyers, discuss what they’re looking for in a home, open lines of communication with their lender and locate homes that fit their needs and budget. When acceptable homes are located, fitting the buyer’s needs and budget, they will send those to the customers to review. After reviewing these properties, buyers should drive by the house to see if the house and neighborhood still fits their needs. When they find a house that fits their needs, they contact their agent and the agent will arrange a private showing.

When a home is chosen to purchase, the buyer’s agent will write the offer contract using conditions set by the buyers. The buyers will sign and date the contract, and then the buyer’s agent will submit their offer to the listing agent. All communications between the sellers and the buyers are made between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. The listing agent will present the offer to the sellers. If needed, the seller can counter the buyer’s offer.