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Real estate of Ukraine statistical portrait in the apartment interior
 Let's make a reservation right away: there are no official statistics regarding real estate activities in Kiev. Although, according to rumors, 10 thousand people of Kyiv are currently involved in…

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In the cold season cottages are sold cheaper

“We decided to sell the cottage – my wife needs money for the operation. And there’s no time to go there, ”says a resident of the capital Obolon, Valery Pavlyuk, 54 years old.

According to the announcement, four called. They offered $ 4–4.5 thousand. In summer, for 10 acres with a 4 by 6 m house in Pavlyuk’s summer house, which is 36 km from Kiev, near Vishnyakov (a suburban train stop in the Fastovskiy district) gave $ 7 thousand. In February, he bargained for 5 .

Cottages in the Buchi region (Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, 18 km from the capital) in February sell for $ 22-25 thousand, 27% cheaper than in June 2006. In Khotyanovka (Vyshgorod district, 15 km from Kiev) – $ 27 thousand each. It is noted that you can bargain. And in the summer they asked for at least $ 35 thousand.

Now the cottages are empty. Robbers and homeless people visit summer houses. They can even burn. In winter, such real estate is not in demand, so prices are falling. Purchase is postponed until warm pores. In February, in the capital’s real estate agency “Olvia” they bought summer cottages with residential houses in which you can live in winter. They have stable prices.

“We sold plots with capital houses in the Makarovsky district for 58 thousand dollars,” says 45-year-old Anna Khomenko, a leading specialist of the agency. – Today I drove people to watch a summer house in Protsevo (26 km from the city). There is gas and electricity. 11 acres with a capital house somewhere on 100 squares. Customers agreed to pay 65 thousand dollars. Most of all they liked that from the house to the Dnieper Bay – 100 meters.

From the house to the Dnieper Bay – 100 meters

29-year-old Andrey Khomenko settled in a holiday village near Glevakhi, which is 26 km from Kiev in the direction of Vasilkov. It has 11 acres with a summer house of 4.5 by 7 meters. Every evening returns here from work. A man was born in the Poltava region. Seven years ago, he graduated from the Agricultural Academy. Since then he has been working in the capital. I used to rent guest rooms and rooms.

The man collected $ 7 thousand. He calculated that he had given the same amount for rented housing for 3 years. Therefore, I decided to purchase at least some kind of roof over my head.

– The local dachas are 30–40 years old. Many retirees move here, leaving their children apartments in Kiev. I have a neighbor like that. He hibernates in the country. Keeping an eye on my house while I’m at work.

Today in Glevakh you can find lots of 0.10 hectares on the outskirts of the cottage village for $ 9 thousand. And in the spring of 2006, Andrei Khomenko’s neighbors sold a plot with a small wooden house for $ 18 thousand. For water you need to go to the column, there is no gas. To the railway – half an hour on foot. In winter, for such dachas in Snitinka they asked for $ 6 thousand. A Fastovskaya train would go there for 20 minutes. longer.

When buying a summer cottage, as a rule, they pay attention to the distance to Kiev, convenient roads and picturesque outskirts.

“In the lower reaches of the Dnieper and Desna, groundwater often stands a meter above the surface,” warns Alexander Pipich, 51, the head of the Moscow real estate agency Vesta. – The foundation in such areas will get wet. The house will be damp. That is why in Pukhovka, although it is close to Kiev, prices are low. There are those in Bucha. For such a site you should not pay more than $ 1,500 per hundred square meters. Although where underground water is deep, the land is worth 5 thousand. Homesteads with high groundwater are only suitable for gardening.

Cottages for Brovary and Boryspil also sell cheaply. The terrain there is flat, not picturesque, explains Alexander Pipich. These lands are bought mainly for gardening. On the Left Bank, 50 km from Kiev, there are villas cheaper than $ 10 thousand. A plot with a house of 54 square meters. m in the village of Raikovschina (Yagotinsky district of Kiev region), 100 km from Kiev, they sell for $ 8 thousand. There is gas and electricity, the road is covered with rubble. By train Kiev — Yagotin get 2 hours. In the villages beyond Kagarlyk, rural houses without gas are cheaply sold – at $ 3.5–5 thousand. From Vidubichi metro by bus – 1.5–2 hours.

In the spring, garden plots with houses 30-40 km from the capital will be dismantled for $ 30 thousand, according to realtor Anna Khomenko.
Cottages in the capital and the region

Cottages on the banks of the Dnieper can demolish

Summer cottages along the Dnieper in the capital Osokorki are built up with multi-storey cottages. Homesteads near the South Bridge and the Slavutich metro station sell for $ 220-360 thousand per square meter. meter asking for $ 1,100-1,300. Cheap, as for Kiev. A square in high-rise buildings near the neighboring Osokorki metro station is twice as expensive. Most of the cottages were built illegally, in violation of urban regulations. It is forbidden to build residential houses or summer cottages closer than 100 m from the coastline, they say in the Main Directorate of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Kiev City State Administration. Officials are aware of a violation of building regulations in Osokorki. However, so far this territory has not been touched. In 6–7 years, they will begin to build a promenade and a highway along the Dnieper. Then all the objects of illegal development will be demolished without compensation.

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Real estate of Ukraine statistical portrait in the apartment interior
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