But on the other hand
Buying a cottage in the village, the buyer must understand some important points. Firstly, the developed infrastructure in most cases will be inherent in those towns that are being built…

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Authorities tighten the nuts
The main owner of Class C premises is the Moscow government represented by organizations subordinate to it, such as the Moscow Joint-Stock Company. As confirmed by the Moscow State Joint-Stock…

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How to sell an apartment faster and more expensive?
Have you ever seen a market seller rubbing apples that are on the counter so that the apples shine. Why do you think he does this? He gives them a…

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Intelligent building (part 3)

The board displays information sent both from the projector and written with a conventional marker. You can also control the board by tapping your finger on the surface.

These boards are installed mainly for conference rooms, situational and dispatch centers, training classes.

Interactive systems are installed mainly in conference rooms, situational and dispatch centers, training classes, and the experience of Office Solutions Ukraine, the exclusive representative of Polyvision in Ukraine, shows that these systems are most in demand among banking institutions, both Ukrainian and foreign , training centers, where the uniformity of information is important, and advertising agencies, for which the performance element during the presentation is one of the key factors.

Their main advantages, in comparison with ordinary “school” blackboards, are:

• just connects;
• when connected to a computer, together with an LCD projector or LCD panel, it turns into an interactive screen;
• You can open any computer application or the necessary information on the Internet with one touch;
• you can use the marker directly on the board, which is more difficult when using the projector and screen.

Another technological innovation is the reservation system for shared rooms (such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, relaxation rooms, etc.) Outwardly, it looks like a small touch screen with an indicator that accepts either red or green color depending on the degree of employment premises. An employee can reserve the necessary room either directly using the buttons on the touch screen, or using the convenient web interface, which, in addition to the “reserve” command, receives and processes information regarding the meeting organizer, meeting agenda, number of attendees, etc. In addition, the system is able to notify the participants of the meeting via e-mail, or inform the secretary if the meeting provides for coffee, or other attributes of hospitality.


Situation. At the moment, there are few companies that purposefully deal with business offices, in particular, the introduction of special systems to maximize the ease of work for workers and managers in both small and large office buildings.

This problem is commented by Sergey Makovets, IT Director of Office Solutions Ukraine: “Intelligent systems” in equipping offices are considered the last word in technology and are often perceived by companies solely as an element of prestige, and not as a means of optimizing business processes and solving a number of problems. It is in this, as well as in the lack of awareness of such products, that the reason for their limited use in office premises and business centers lies. But in the meantime, companies are losing a certain number of potential customers for whom innovation and modern working methods are key factors. Of course, only the most developed companies that understand the value and are aware of the real contribution of technology to the business processes in the organization can afford these systems. But our many years of experience in equipping office premises shows that such technological innovations can be equally successfully applied by large companies as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. ”

There are several systems on the Ukrainian market that can be used for presentation rooms.

For example, Smart Board is a learning system that has nothing to do with the concept of “Intelligent Building”, and “Intelligent Office” – a local “link” of all working systems, which include not only the projector, screen and computer, but also temperature control , humidity, light inside a single room.

All operators, of which there are more than ten, can conditionally be divided into two large groups. The first includes companies whose work includes the integration of automated systems for a home or a private mansion (Smart Home). Others are engaged in systems for a whole complex of buildings (mega-markets, industrial enterprises, business centers, government agencies, etc.).

Combining both groups into a single whole, we come to a generally accepted ordered group segment – ABB, AMX, Crestron, EIB, Gira, Honeywell, Jung, Schneider Electric, Siemens, TAC.

All of them, to one degree or another, are competitors of each other. However, each company creates its own strategy and policy and follows it, despite the actions of others.

Consumers. According to Aleksey Kirichenko, head of the automated management department at Transexpo LLC, “the bulk of sales today are for individuals and large companies.” Moreover, the former often pay more attention to their comfort, convenience and image. But large companies do this in order to save.

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