Ecological examination of a summer cottage
When buying a summer cottage, make sure that you don’t get the likeness of a uranium mine in the appendage Now almost no one in Ukraine is buying summer cottages…

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The earth rose to heaven
For the first quarter, in the most popular settlements of the Kiev region, land has doubled in price. According to the consulting company SV Development, the maximum price increase was…

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Fashion for a healthy lifestyle "push" wealthy residents of Kiev out of town - in cottage towns.
The idea is attractive: a house with all the amenities of a city apartment plus pristine nature. But, having acquired a coveted home and looking around, the happy owner of…

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Intelligent building (part 2)

Companies that are tenants and have already moved into the finished office space are not able to re-equip all telecommunications, linking them together. And not every customer strives for this. In most cases, contacting the installation company is explained by the desire of the consumer to receive some specific functions.

Out of this situation by installing separate local applications. They create closed systems in only one or several rooms (mainly meeting rooms) to maintain the image of the company and to simplify the work in them, they use mainly so-called local automation systems. This can be called a local application that does not solve multifunctional tasks, but rather performs one or more dependent functions. For example, if you connect a display, sound, light and remote controls in a conference room using a single cable, when you press a button mounted on a wall, or using a special remote control with a programmable “start viewing” function, the following occurs. The light turns off automatically or the lamp becomes minimal, the blinds close, the display turns on, and visitors watch a presentation film. In the same way, this system turns off.

Its functionality depends, first of all, on the paramount requirements that are put forward by the customer. Typically, company executives who wish to install such an installation have previously encountered these systems and are familiar with their functional features.

However, just in case, each customer is provided with a detailed working “questionnaire” that will help find the most suitable option. This, according to the operators, allows satisfying the needs of the consumer. Operational problems in each case are predicted and solved using the presented system.

AV systems

At the same time, the use of traditional demonstration equipment remains one of the most widely used means of automation and arrangement of presentation rooms.

Good old codoscope (graph projector), slide projector, classroom board are relevant today, as they are the most accessible and familiar teaching tools. However, modern technologies have changed the traditional understanding of the technique and teaching methodology: today the transition to the use of multimedia and interactive computer technologies that allow you to search, analyze information and provide it to people anywhere in the world via the Internet, as well as receive feedback, is modern standard.

So, for example, the Liter company, for training and presentations, in addition to supplying traditional demonstration equipment and equipment for the “mobile office”, also carries out turnkey projects for multifunctional educational and lecture halls, equipping auditoriums and small conference rooms with AV technology halls, the installation of language laboratories and multimedia computer classes.

The range of audiovisual equipment and solutions for training and presentations is aimed at achieving the maximum effect from the educational process, meetings and conferences, as it is carefully selected by employees who have rich experience in teaching and are able to evaluate modern technical innovations from a practical point of view.

LCD displays

Typically, for presentations, special liquid crystal displays and multi-window picture-in-picture modes are used. This allows you to display several images at once.

Liquid crystal displays are devices for displaying images or text information in which arrays of liquid crystals transmit or delay light, depending on the control signal.

There are four key parameters to any LCD device: design, technology, resolution and size. The design implies the arrangement of layers (including the light guide layer) and is of the greatest importance for the quality of the image on the screen in sunlight. Currently, there are three main designs for color LCDs: transmissive (transmissive), transflective (translucent) and reflective (reflective).

The functioning scheme of the display system for presentation rooms includes the following types of equipment:

• computer, laptop, camera, DVD, VCR – they are sources of display systems;

• projector, screen – displays the image transmitted by sources.

This scheme involves the use of the Smart Home system locally for presentations. Linking several types of equipment (computer, projector, screen), plus interaction with heating, air conditioning, opening / closing blinds, determines their joint operation and functioning.

Interactive Whiteboards (Smart Board)

Interactive whiteboards (Smart Board) combine the capabilities of a flip chart, projection screen, simple marker board and copy board.

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Ecological examination of a summer cottage
When buying a summer cottage, make sure that you don’t get the likeness of a uranium mine in the appendage Now almost no one in Ukraine is buying summer cottages…


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