Rent: translate from realtor into Russian
Every profession has its own language, professional vocabulary. There are also specialists working in the real estate market. But there is another, completely special language - the language of advertisements.…

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Rent: translate from realtor into Russian

Every profession has its own language, professional vocabulary. There are also specialists working in the real estate market. But there is another, completely special language – the language of advertisements. Suppose you want to rent an apartment …

Most often, you first have to deal with a realtor, and only after that – directly with the owner of the apartment. Thanks to the primary information received from the realtor, one can learn a lot about the apartment before leaving to view the apartment. And even more, if you learn to decipher the realtor “stamps” – the most frequently used phrases from agent announcements about the delivery of apartments. To save your time and nerves, to avoid empty trips and disappointments, we learn to read between the lines.

15 minutes walk from the metro – in fact, it means at least three stops from the metro by ground transport. Of course, with a great desire, you can walk between the garages or the park along the cemetery, but this is a dubious pleasure for those who return home after dark. And then, provided that the weather is “flying.”

25 minutes on foot from the metro is one of two things: either it is no longer Moscow, or you came across a very honest realtor.

If the house is located at a distance walked in more than 5 minutes from the nearest metro station, realtors tend to reduce numbers

In general, be careful and check the location of the house on the map. As a rule, if the house is located at a distance covered by walking in more than 5 minutes from the nearest metro station, realtors tend to reduce the numbers (in fact, 10 minutes turn into 20 and so on).

Adequate owners – they will probably not rent their apartment for the first time. They are calm about the presence of children, and sometimes animals. They will not check the presence of seals on marriage registration in the passports of the couple, and if adult brothers and sister plan to live in the apartment, they will suspiciously look for features of family similarity on their faces. Unfortunately, truly adequate owners are rare and therefore always mentioned by agents as an additional advantage of the apartment.

They take everyone – as potential tenants, landlords are ready to consider not only Slavs with permanent Moscow registration, but also “modest Azerbaijanis” and “intelligent Tajiks”. In fact, it means that the apartment is “frozen”, and the owners are ready to do anything to rent it out. For everything except price reductions.

– As a rule, this is a standard set: washing machine, refrigerator and TV. Neither a microwave, nor a dishwasher, nor a vacuum cleaner, nor other benefits of civilization are included in this concept.

Suite furniture – it is possible that this furniture was produced at the factories of the now defunct states – the GDR, Yugoslavia, and if you were lucky, then the USSR. Genuine rarity. Usually it is a “wall” to the ceiling, a “soft part” with protruding springs and a flimsy coffee table. As a bonus, you can be offered a folding bed for guests or a broken sewing machine with a foot drive (if folded, it will be a changing table).

Stacked furniture – a picturesque mix of great-grandmother’s bedside tables, grandfather’s sideboard, creaking sofa “a la 80s” and several different-sized chairs.

New building – be careful. Most likely, you will have to take out the construction waste yourself. Repair – at best “after the builders.” The house probably has not yet been taken into balance by everyone who is supposed to. The elevator works when it wants, and the regularity of this process cannot be derived. The adjacent territory is like a field after a tank battle. During the day they knock and buzz from all sides at once – the neighbors make repairs. Construction equipment is buzzing at night, because another house has begun to be built nearby.

An ordinary (simple) apartment means only one thing: you can’t say anything good about the apartment, but you don’t turn your tongue.

Repair under the euro is a tile in the toilet and plastic windows. The rest is “good makeup” (see below).

Fresh cosmetic repairs are the same as “good cosmetics”, but done in a hurry, painted over old stucco stucco and glued with PVA glue where they managed to reach.

– The imagination draws a clean, comfortable apartment, just renovated by caring owners specifically in order to rent out to customers. Do not flatter yourself. As a rule, this means only that the apartment has recently been inherited and is being rented in its original form. Namely: with old furniture, which looked like linoleum or parquet on the floor, peeling oilcloth on the walls in the toilet and a kitchen corner occupying half the kitchen. The kitchen corner, about which the owners, looking away, will say: “and in the spring we would like to take him to the cottage.” And you will be lucky if you do not have to pull out the owner’s Horizon TV through a narrow door onto the balcony, which you do not need as a bedside table, but, unfortunately, is no good. Sometimes at the time of the conclusion of the lease, the heirs do not yet have a certificate of ownership of the apartment. The explanation is simple: the six months laid down by law for the inheritance from the moment a relative dies, have not expired, but I want the money right now.

Rent for a long period – usually refers to one year. After this period, you will be asked to pay a couple hundred dollars more for the same apartment or to release it.

A sitz bath is something like a very large toilet. The presence of a sitz bath is characteristic of single-entry panel high-rise buildings (“refrigerator houses”, as the writer Eduard Topol puts it).

Good makeup – if you’re lucky, the walls will have cheap wallpapers. If not, paint is an unexpected color for you.
A clean apartment is not a guarantee that the apartment is really clean. Usually it means only that some efforts were made to her. For example, shortly before viewing, the products that were left in the disconnected refrigerator after the previous tenants were finally taken out of the apartment. If the realtor has a conscience and / or a desire to quickly hand over these mansions, then before your arrival he can even wash the long-suffering refrigerator himself and spray air freshener in the rooms. But the landlord will most likely not do this. He doesn’t care: the apartment will “leave” and so, sooner or later.

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