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Maximum Lux
A high-quality infrastructure in general can become one of the factors determining the level of a village, its class, and, accordingly, social content. In civilized Europe, for example, the status…

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Cutaway Kitchen

The main benefit for every sane person at work anywhere is convenience! A housewife, whose workplace is limited, as a rule, to the kitchen, can “wind” a dozen kilometers per day, running from the stove to the refrigerator, then to the washing machine, then to the sink, etc. A well-planned kitchen interior can make home chores not so tiring.

The main goal of the owner should be comfort and high functionality, when each item of the kitchen interior is not just convenient, but optimal in terms of human needs. All internal space must be created according to the laws of economy.

The kitchen is conditionally divided into three zones – the working, dining room and aisle area.

The work area is the heart of the kitchen. Here are places for food storage, tables for butchering and cooking. The question arises: how is all this reasonable to place? According to experts, the refrigerator, sink and stove should not be adjacent to each other, but to cutting tables. At the same time, they form the so-called working triangle: storage – butchering – cooking. The comfortable area of ​​the working triangle should not exceed 7 square meters. m, otherwise you’ll get tired of running. It should not be less than 4 square meters. m – this will create crowding.

In the efforts to ennoble the appearance, one should not forget about the internal content. For example, large-sized dishes are more convenient to place in deep drawers under the stove, and products that occupy a large volume – under the cutting tables. Do not forget also that installing double sockets over each work surface will greatly facilitate life, because while in one place the kettle boils and toasts pop out with a bang, you can grind coffee nearby or beat eggs for scrambled eggs.

The sink and the dishwasher (and if the area allows, then the washing machine) should be installed next to the water supply, so that preventive maintenance does not become burdensome. Take a closer look at the double (triple) sink – with an abundance of dishes and cutlery, it is more functional. Lighting should be directed along the wall cabinets on the bottom panel, and background.

Are there too many homogeneous materials and long parallel lines in your design? Perhaps it is worth reviving the severity of appearance by providing corner shelves, multi-level open racks or just one or two open racks. And finally, about corner cabinets. Rotating – they are convenient, economical in terms of the cost of efforts to get this or that item.

Having carefully analyzed your requirements for the desired kitchen, you will encounter the problem of its placement on your territory. It’s no secret that the main drawback of the typical housing of past years is its minimality. Do not despair, there are six main types of kitchen layout that allow you to achieve comfort in this situation.

* in one and two lines;

* L-shaped (angular);

* U-shaped (in the form of a rectangular trapezoid);

* “Island” and “peninsula”.

One line kitchen

Designed for one or two people, it is installed subject to very limited space. She has a working area of ​​half the entire area, so if it is decided to combine it with the dining room, it is worth installing a retractable or folding dining table, otherwise the aisle area will be minimal and, of course, extremely inconvenient.

Also, this layout can be used in the multipurpose room “kitchen-dining room-living room”, in this case, all kitchen furniture will be located in one part of the room, the other will be used for eating and relaxing.

Two line kitchen

Simple and compact in layout. Rational placement – a stove and sink on one side, a refrigerator and cabinets on the other. The optimal distance between the opposite lines is at least 1.2 meters, otherwise you may encounter leaning towards another cabinet. This layout also involves the presence of extendable tables or, in fact, a dining room.

L – layout

Exceptional in terms of creating a convenient working triangle. In this case, furniture and appliances are placed along two adjacent walls. The dining table fits easily without compromising the aisle area. This option is suitable for almost all rooms, except, perhaps, narrow.

U – layout

It is convenient and safe, as furniture and appliances are installed along three walls. There is no through traffic. If, with such a layout, the aisle area is slightly less than half the working area, this allows you to use the kitchen as a dining room. For a large kitchen or kitchen-dining room, a combined scheme is suitable: an angular working area plus, in the continuation of the line, a serving or dining table set perpendicularly. In kitchens-dining rooms, a short perpendicular line of the table separates the working and dining areas, and with a correctly selected length of the table, the harmony between the working area and the dining room and the passage area is not violated. You can use the U-layout in a small kitchen (5-8 square meters), then the distance between the ends should be at least 1.5-2 meters.

Maximum Lux
A high-quality infrastructure in general can become one of the factors determining the level of a village, its class, and, accordingly, social content. In civilized Europe, for example, the status…


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