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Is a home buyer always wrong?

In order for the housing stock of Ukraine to be constantly replenished, one square meter needs to be built annually. m per inhabitant. In China, last year they built 1 billion 300 million square meters of housing.

There are no general reliable statistics in Ukraine yet, but it is known that in the three-millionth city of Kiev last year 1 million 200 thousand square meters were built. m, which they hastened to present as a considerable achievement and a breakthrough in the construction market.

Own housing. The cherished dream of any ex-Soviet citizen. Once gloomy, like dark corridors of dormitories, but free at the end of a long journey, now it’s practically not real, even for money. The realities of life are such that before few people wondered where to live. Now, the location determines salaries, the level of affluence, and the improvement of the offspring.

The first thing any buyer of an apartment gets in the fight for their meters is the “embrace” of a realtor. Moreover, it so happened in the post-Soviet countries that the buyer will always be wrong if something happens to his investment in housing. Condo statement, but try to refute it! Moreover, according to the law, a realtor does not bear any responsibility, “if all of a sudden.” And the maximum punishment for him is the loss of commission from the transaction.

Many people have heard grandiose scams in the housing market of Russia and Ukraine, thousands of deceived investors, and, according to the assurance of a Kiev real estate specialist Vlad Votintsev, it makes no sense to personify them, and even more so – to take care of the memory of those who suffered. “We’ll call one scam now, the second – it won’t get any easier. It’s like remembering the passbooks of Soviet citizens and their unfulfilled dreams of summer cottages, cars covered with a copper basin. On the other hand, as a real estate specialist, I can say that any scam is clear a prepared operation, verified in steps and months, and of course, its result is “achieving” the analytical mindset of the organizers, “she said in a conversation with Domostroy.

However, such cases are rare. But they, according to Vlad Votintsev, should teach ordinary citizens to be extremely meticulous in choosing objects for investment.
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According to him, the work on the real estate market is structured in such a way that in the triangle “investor-intermediary-builder” any weak link can paralyze the whole chain. “Undoubtedly, as long as people have a desire to earn money on buying and selling apartments, there will be all kinds of frauds. I’m not talking about those who simply buy housing for themselves. There are no more of them, really assessing the situation in the real estate market than those who buy housing in new buildings to resell more expensive in six months. Paradoxical as it sounds, even delaying construction or not fulfilling certain obligations on the part of the intermediary or builder until the house is populated, for example, “forgot ” spend communication or the road to the entrance has never caused the righteous anger of investors – ordinary buyers, “- said the specialist.

To the question “why,” he answers simply: “Because, because of one“ truth-seeker ”who has filed a lawsuit, the building is frozen until the court decides. And people want to move into their housing as soon as possible, knowing the instability of today. Moreover , no one wants to return their money instead of housing. Who needs to get back, for example, 40 thousand dollars invested in a one-room apartment a year and a half ago, when it now costs all 70 thousand dollars? Despite the fact that any sensible broker, as agreed with honest builders in when thou count in making the contract with the client about the possibility of a refund to the buyer. Also respecting construction company in the customer agreement prescribes the possibility of refund at the request of the investor. ”

It turns out that the investor-buyer will remain silent until the last, if only the contractor has completed its construction? As the president of the Association of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine Oleksandr Bondarenko noted during a recent Internet conference, from 25 to 50% of housing under construction is bought by private investors, expecting good profits. “And so it’s really a pity for those who brought their hard-earned money, collected for decades. And they don’t give a damn about those who decided to play roulette, but bet on red and got to zero. There is a risk. Anyone who risks it should be ready for anything “, says Vladislav Votintsev.

According to him, he had never heard that the money was returned to the victims. “Whoever came to earn money – at least he should consider all the options and all the connections. And in the case of one all-Ukrainian scam, I have little doubt that they will most likely receive compensation in the form of certificates for future housing and square meters not those who were going to live in apartments, but those who were going to sell them more expensive in time. ”

According to him, there is no universal recipe for how to protect yourself from scams. When it comes to buying an apartment, not always the presence of a license and flashy advertising confirm the reality of obligations to the buyer on the part of the seller. Real estate and brokerage agencies, in theory, should help the buyer, but this does not always happen.

As noted by Alexander Bondarenko, now the real estate business in Ukraine is not legally regulated. In order for a client who, by definition, is always right, to make a complaint to a real estate agency in the event of a professional mistake or professional negligence, it is necessary to adopt the law “On real estate activities”, which would determine both the rights and obligations of realtors.

Real estate market practitioners say that the buyer needs to pay attention, rather, not to the signs and documents of the intermediary broker, but to go to the construction site, see how the house is being built, and learn more directly about the construction company.

“The catchy name is not yet an indicator that the company will hand over the object on time or even turn it over. You need to find out what was previously built by the company. Indeed, among the monsters of the construction market in Ukraine, there are also small ones with a capital of 2-10 million dollars – decent private companies “Their apartment can cost 10-30% cheaper than that of famous companies that have been trusted for decades and overpay for stability and a well-developed brand,” says Vladislav Votintsev.
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At the same time, developers themselves periodically complain in the press about the non-transparency of relations in the field of obtaining permits for land acquisition in the regions of the capital of Ukraine or in village councils, if construction is carried out in the country. There are difficulties with summing up communications, approving plans in the bureau of technical inventory. But they complain mainly from a third party.

“Yes, you know what the director of a normal construction company does 70% of the time? He travels to various organizations and solves issues. But time has changed, it has become a little“ easier. “If you had to rent an apartment in a newly built house, now As a rule, they sell it to the “right person at half price,” they told Domostroy in one of the developers in the Kiev region.

But not one of the companies that the publication’s correspondent contacted with the question “how do bribes affect the final cost of an apartment for a buyer” agreed to answer it.

The caution of the builders is easily explained. After all, they need to renew their licenses for construction work, and the market is very competitive – anyone agrees to “substitute a leg” to occupy your segment.

As a result, it turns out that the whole burden of responsibility for the instability of relations in the housing market falls on the shoulders of the buyer. According to Alexander Bondarenko, “the two main reasons that drive the real estate market into the shade are the unsettled land relations and the legislative unregulated activities on the real estate market.” I would like to add that it is difficult to believe in the observance of the law on the part of all market participants, even with its legislative saturation.

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