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Renting an apartment: Avoiding risks Part 2. Landlord risks

Risk 1: scammers. Apartment for rent or for sale

First, consider the most common fraud schemes in the residential rental market. Two methods are especially effective: re-renting an apartment in a sub-rental and selling a house using fake documents.

The first method is effective with those owners who go on a long business trip to another city or country and for a long time can not carry out control checks of the apartment. Upon return, the landlord comes to the apartment and discovers that completely different people live there. The tenants handed it over to the sub-tenant, taking a tidy sum from the new tenants a few months in advance. New residents claim that they have the right to live in the apartment for some time, but this option does not suit the landlord.He didn’t receive money for renting an apartment again. And if he rented his only apartment, then he also has nowhere to live.

To protect yourself from this method of fraud, you must conclude a contract of employment with the employer. Unless it is separately written about the possibility of renting an apartment in a sub-lease, the tenant has no right to do so. And the owner of the apartment may ask new tenants to leave the premises and offer to resolve all disagreements with those who rented out the living space in a sub-lease.

Another method of protection against fraud is a trust agreement with a real estate agency, which describes all the terms of employment put forward by the owner. Apartments in trust are insured against fire, water flood, gas explosion and unlawful actions of third parties. In this case, the real estate agency bears financial and property responsibility, it will also deal with any problems.

The second common method of fraud is the sale of a rented apartment. This is much more complicated than a sub-hire. However, the profit from the scam is quite large. Preparation of an apartment for sale takes about two to three months: production of false documents, search for buyers.

Of course, the transaction carried out by scammers will subsequently be declared invalid and you are unlikely to lose the apartment. But how much nerves and effort you will spend to evict illegal owners from your apartment!

Fraud in this scheme can only be avoided by being especially vigilant: never leave real estate documents in the apartment itself, do not give them your own passport to tenants for a long time. After all, making copies of such papers, and then forging them is as easy as shelling pears. During the control checks during the first or second month and when you come to pay, look carefully: do they live in the apartment all the time or just visit to answer your phone calls. It will be useful to talk with neighbors about new residents: how often do they appear in the apartment, who comes to them, etc.

Risk 2: non-privatized apartment

Renting an un privatized apartment is somewhat more difficult than owning it. The written consent of the family members and the municipality living together with the tenant of municipal housing, the interests of which are represented by housing and communal services, is needed. But this is not even the case: tenants may try to privatize an apartment not privatized.

Forging legal documents is not difficult.

Therefore, before renting an apartment, take the trouble to privatize it, that is, make it your property. The owner has more rights and fewer problems.

Risk 3: damaged property

The idea of ​​property damage in the rented apartment is likely to visit all the lessors. However, one owner seeks to protect himself and makes some efforts to do this, while another lets everything go by itself in the hope that his tenants are not capable of this. But unfortunately, having received <the exit> broken furniture, damaged plumbing and household appliances, the unlucky landlord is forced to part with a tidy sum to repair the apartment and replace things. The problem is also the smell of animals, which impregnates the apartment and which is quite difficult to get rid of.

You can give a lot of advice. Firstly, animals are a powerful source of dirt. If you do not want to wash and air the apartment after a cat for a long time or repair parquet scratched by a charming puppy, ban animals. Or write in a separate clause in the contract a requirement to eliminate the consequences of keeping animals in the apartment.

Secondly, it is permissible to insure the situation in the apartment at one’s own expense, to draw up an inventory of property and an act of acceptance and transfer. This is especially important for expensive apartments in the price category above the average. Often such housing is rented with luxury furniture and good household appliances, which means that it is necessary to conclude a contract of employment, sign an act of acceptance of transfer of property, or draw up a trust deed.


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