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Lviv residents are in no hurry to buy housing in the country. A square meter in a cottage town costs $ 760–790

In the cottage town in Solonets, seven kilometers from Lviv, construction work is being completed.

34-year-old Lviv resident Alexander Boychuk in 2004 began his own construction in the village of Solonka, 15 km from Lviv. The brick two-story house is already tiled. Almost $ 50 thousand went to the walls and roof. And still need to carry out sewage and gas. The man thought he could handle it in a year.

“Now it will be like that – maybe in three or four years,” says Alexander. – And our friends looked at me and decided not to undertake the construction on their own. They are looking in the outskirts of Lviv for a finished house.

Spouses, 32-year-old Bogdan and Galina Motsak, had many requirements for the house. They say, first of all, it is sewage and gas. And most importantly – not so far from Lviv.

“At 10-15 kilometers from the city, in the villages of Bryukhovichi, Zimnaya Voda and Solonets, the houses are the most expensive,” says Bogdan. – Approximately 150 “squares”, sections of 8-10 acres cost 80-120 thousand dollars or more. Homes away, 20-25 kilometers from the city, cheaper – 30-60 thousand dollars.

People who would like to live outside the city complain that there is not enough in the Lviv real estate market.

– We looked at seven houses. They like modern cottages, but there is a large footage there, which is why they are quite expensive, ”says Bogdan. – There are no alternatives so far, probably have to wait.

The owner of the cottage will have a privatized land plot of four and a half hundred

Modern cottages in the villages around Lviv began to be built only a year ago. There are no more than a dozen. Experts explain that Lviv residents are wary of suburban housing. First, you need a car. Yes, and you have to be prepared that there is no kindergarten or hospital nearby.

The company “Comfort-invest” was one of the first to build cottages. Built two – in Solonets and Sokolniki. There are two types of houses: tau nhauzas for four apartments and linear buildings – 6-8 apartments in a row. Projects of houses were painted by Lviv architects.

– Cottages for four families are large – 210 square meters each, in linear buildings – 189.1 each. The owner of each cottage will have a privatized land plot of four and a half hundred square meters, a garage, autonomous heating, purification systems, round-the-clock water supply, says project manager of the cat town of tedzh town Vladimir Sivulyak, 36 years old. – On the first floor there is a room, a kitchen and a living room, on the second – three rooms. Owners receive 60 “squares” of attic space for free. The price includes oak doors and a staircase to the second floor. The premises are rented with rough preparation of the floor and walls. In addition, everyone can redesign the room to their taste. But clients practically do not re-plan anything, leave it as it is – which means that the projects are not bad.

A square meter in cottages is cheaper than in urban apartments. However, in linear development, there are still vacant rooms.

– The price per square meter of the cottage in Solonets is 790 dollars. If the client pays 90 percent of the cost, a discount of $ 730 per meter is applied, ”said Denis Schmigal, Director of Economics at Comfort Invest, 31 years old. – In Sokolniki, the cottages are slightly smaller – 165 square meters each. They cost $ 760 per meter, with 90 percent of the payment – 3 percent discount. In total, about 150 thousand dollars come out. But there are no x shovels with sewage, water. The village will also have its own housing and security.

Housewarming in Solonets and Sokolniki will be celebrated in April-May next year. At the same time, the territory of the cottage of the settlement village will be equipped with sports grounds and recreation areas. They say that they will be engaged in landscaping in the spring – they equip flower beds and plant flowers. There are no plans to build new villages.
How much is a two-room apartment in Lviv $ November 2006

Center 86 300
Galitsky district 65,170
Zheleznodorozhny district 55 900
Sykhivskyi district 51,200
Frankivskyi district 63,200
Shevchenko district 48,200

The data are based on the analysis of 290 ads in the weekly Lviv Announcements, Your Store

data: “GPU”

You can take a loan to the townhouse

According to the director of economics of the Lviv construction company Comfort Invest, Denis Schmigal, suburban tau nauzas are more popular than linear building cottages. They were already sold out in the Solonets near Lviv. Part purchased on credit.
– It is enough to come to the agency, choose what you like, go to the bank, which the agency will recommend, and purchase a house. As a rule, banks give loans in the amount of 85 percent of the value of the house for up to 20 years, says Schmigal.

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