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The floor that we choose. Living above 16 floors is dangerous for health – doctors say so

“Is it easy to live in a high-rise building?” – this topic of our campaign “City of Wonderful Ideas” caused heated debate among the residents of the capital. Twice, KP correspondents gathered full houses on the streets of the city, and each time it was difficult for the people of Kiev to say exactly where it is better to live – on the lower floor or on the upper.

We have heard enough pros and cons (the most compelling read below). “And yet – what floor would you call ideal?” – we did not relent. Then it turned out that it was both more comfortable and safer to live on the 2nd-4th floor. “Better yet, get rich quicker and buy a house in the country!” – finally, the people of Kiev admitted.

Pros and cons of the upper floors:

+ Beautiful view from the window

+ Clean air.

+ No street noise is heard.

+ In winter they are better heated.

+ The technical floor can be redeemed and the living space expanded.

– Often a bad pressure of water.

– Depends on the elevator.

– Drafts and the wind whistles

– Your “Help!” No one on the street will hear.

– In a fire, there is almost no chance of escape.

Pros and cons of lower floors:

+ No elevator needed.

+ Always a good pressure of water.

+ In case of fire, you can jump out of the window.

+ It is convenient to keep domestic dogs and cats.

+ You can make an extension or buy out the basement.

– On the windows you need to put the bars.

– You breathe dust and other “aromas” of the street.

– Street noise interferes with rest.

– The view from the window is so-so.

“It is colder in winter than on the upper floors.”


16th floor is dangerous for hypertensive patients

Ambulance doctor Nikolai Litvinenko

– Living above the 16th floor is dangerous for health – doctors say so. This is especially true for older people who suffer from pressure drops. A fear of heights may also develop. And even suicidal tendencies! With severe stress, throwing yourself out of the window seems like a simple way out.


Firefighters reach only the 20th floor

Alexander Khorunzhiy, Ministry of Emergency Situations:

– In the capital, skyscrapers are dangerous in that if, God forbid, a fire occurs, it will be very difficult to save people. There is only one car lift for the whole city, which reaches a maximum of 20 floors. Neither fire helicopters, nor other equipment are at our disposal.


Turn off the alarm! It’s already one in the morning!

Vasily Lutsko, 51 years old, disabled person:

– It is necessary to publish the general development plan of Kiev – so that people know not only / what to rejoice, but also what to be afraid of. Indeed, with the building just some kind of chaos reigns! They build houses very close to each other – from your window you can watch TV from a neighbor from the house opposite! But according to the standards of civil defense between houses there should be a distance equal to half the height of the house.

Svetlana Bolova, 35 years old, accountant:

– We have a parking lot under the house, but there are no spaces for tenants’ cars, because strangers are constantly parking there. My suggestion is to allocate parking spaces between residents who have cars. Moreover, they must legitimize the housing office.

Victor Flores-Cortes, 23 years old, student:

– We need to seriously engage in the education of concierges. Special courses for them to organize. To educate. Because they do not know their duties, and yet behave boorishly. They may not even let tenants into the house if they have forgotten the key. So, we pay 25 hryvnias every month for rudeness?

Antonina Orlenko, 52 years old, teacher:

– A lot of noise from car alarms. They make noise at night, it’s impossible to sleep. It is necessary to organize a parking under the house, and hire a security guard who would guard the cars. And the owners oblige to turn off the alarm. If the car is noisy at night, fine.

Vasily Tsymbalyuk, 46 years old, furniture manufacturer:

– There are no rooms on the houses. I would have made Chernovetsky personally take a bucket of paint and write the numbers on all the houses. After all, neither the ambulance, nor the firefighters, in which case they do not arrive on time, get lost. Is it really impossible to write his number on every corner of the house?

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