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Property in Bulgaria (part 1)
For many years, Bulgaria has been a regional summer resort for residents of all Eastern Europe. But Bulgaria today is not only an affordable vacation destination, it is also a…

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One resident who disagreed with the installation of the intercom can completely block this idea
The struggle for cleanliness and order in the house is not a reason for restricting the rights of residents The times of mass communal apartments are in the past, but…

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The floor that we choose. Living above 16 floors is dangerous for health - doctors say so
“Is it easy to live in a high-rise building?” - this topic of our campaign “City of Wonderful Ideas” caused heated debate among the residents of the capital. Twice, KP…

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Renting an apartment: How to avoid risks? Part 1. Tenant Risks

RISK 1. News agencies

We have repeatedly warned of news agencies whose direct purpose is to deceive customers. But despite this, there are still unlucky employers who trust such firms and the schemes proposed to them. We will briefly talk about this.

For a small amount, information agencies are obliged to provide information on apartments and rooms for rent in Moscow within one to two weeks in the form of a facsimile message or printouts (depending on the wishes of the customer). The printout is as follows: all available options are placed in a table in which there is only a metro station, telephone and host name. Continue reading

Real estate of Ukraine statistical portrait in the apartment interior

 Let’s make a reservation right away: there are no official statistics regarding real estate activities in Kiev. Although, according to rumors, 10 thousand people of Kyiv are currently involved in the real estate sector (the number of real estate objects for sale is approximately equal to this figure). At first glance, all this looks quite logical. Since there is an object of sale, there must be an “own” intermediary for its implementation. But in practice, two or three “real estate specialists” “lead” the client into the apartment they sell. It turns out that there are at least twice as many realtors, i.e. about 20 thousand? Let’s try to understand this arithmetic by analyzing other “characteristics” of the apartment intermediary. Continue reading

Lviv residents are in no hurry to buy housing in the country. A square meter in a cottage town costs $ 760–790

In the cottage town in Solonets, seven kilometers from Lviv, construction work is being completed.

34-year-old Lviv resident Alexander Boychuk in 2004 began his own construction in the village of Solonka, 15 km from Lviv. The brick two-story house is already tiled. Almost $ 50 thousand went to the walls and roof. And still need to carry out sewage and gas. The man thought he could handle it in a year.

“Now it will be like that – maybe in three or four years,” says Alexander. – And our friends looked at me and decided not to undertake the construction on their own. They are looking in the outskirts of Lviv for a finished house.

Spouses, 32-year-old Bogdan and Galina Motsak, had many requirements for the house. Continue reading

But on the other hand

Buying a cottage in the village, the buyer must understand some important points. Firstly, the developed infrastructure in most cases will be inherent in those towns that are being built in the most prestigious areas, for example, Obukhovsky. Secondly, large-scale settlements, the territory of which is by no means a dozen hectares, can afford really large-scale and serious infrastructure.
The maintenance of infrastructure falls, as a rule, on the shoulders of the inhabitants of the village. And the size of payments may directly depend on the list of services provided. Agree, the maintenance of a 25-meter pool is much more expensive, say, a club for lovers of knitting. Continue reading

Maximum Lux

A high-quality infrastructure in general can become one of the factors determining the level of a village, its class, and, accordingly, social content. In civilized Europe, for example, the status of cottage villages is determined by the availability of quality service – from laundry to cleaning and kettering.
Our neighbors, the Russians have created a classification of cottage villages, where infrastructure plays a serious role. Thus, villages of the highest category, in addition to their own operational services, have a guest parking, a supermarket, a medical center, a sports complex with a swimming pool (fitness center), a beauty salon, children’s and sports grounds, and a restaurant. Continue reading

Renting an apartment: How to avoid risks? Part 1. Tenant Risks
RISK 1. News agencies We have repeatedly warned of news agencies whose direct purpose is to deceive customers. But despite this, there are still unlucky employers who trust such firms…


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