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Suburban housing gives head start
 This is evidenced by either a complete absence or individual offers for one-, two-room apartments in houses, the commissioning of which is scheduled for late 2007. According to the developers,…

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Renting an apartment: How to avoid risks? Part 1. Tenant Risks
RISK 1. News agencies We have repeatedly warned of news agencies whose direct purpose is to deceive customers. But despite this, there are still unlucky employers who trust such firms…

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Uncle Shoma’s Cabin. How to make money on real estate abroad.
The right to purchase housing will be used not only by co-owners, but also by strangers? One of the co-owners of the apartment will be able to privatize their own…

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Class C Offices – The Shortest Market

Class C offices are the most closed, most voluminous and, oddly enough, the most scarce market. Moscow small businessmen still have to rely only on rooms in former research institutes and basements. And although there are unoccupied and highly profitable niches in the low-cost sector, far from all developers undertake such projects.

Most of the most inexpensive and nondescript class C offices are in the Moscow office market. In total, the office sector is approaching 11 million square meters. m, of which only 4 million square meters. m are occupied by A- and B-class offices, of which the smallest part falls on A. Also in Moscow there are 24 Class B business centers – reconstructed buildings with a total area of ​​510,000 sq. m. m ( data). In the first, second and third segments there is a shortage of premises. Continue reading

Real estate in Ukraine: 50 thousand dollars for the Nikolaev three-room “stalin”

The real estate market in Ukraine, according to experts and expert analysts, was considered stable several years ago.

Recent years have been marked by an unprecedented increase in housing prices. About what is happening today in the real estate market of the city of Nikolaev, the journalist of Nikolaev News, Lyudmila Savkova, asked to tell the deputy chairman of the Nikolaev Regional Association of Real Estate Specialists, managing the universal exchange “Denomination” Irina Rudenko:
– Today in the city of Nikolaev very high prices for apartments, sometimes even unjustified. Continue reading

How to create a condominium

In order to create an association of co-owners of an apartment building, it is necessary that more than 50% of the apartments in the house be privatized.

Apartment owners who want to create an association of co-owners of an apartment building (condominium) should:

Step 1. Create an “initiative group” that will take responsibility (in the initial stages) of legal, organizational and preparatory work related to the creation of the association:

* select and process the legislative framework; Continue reading

How to make a repair

How to prepare for it so that you don’t live on suitcases for years, swallowing dust, cursing “shabashnikov” and collecting money for missing materials?

Step One: Define Aim

First of all, figure out what kind of repair you need: cosmetic, overhaul or are you ready to spend money on a European-style repair. Cosmetic repairs include new wallpaper, painting the ceiling, etc. It is worth it to start if you want to “update the wardrobe.” By the way, cosmetic repairs are recommended every five to seven years. Continue reading

Renting an apartment: Avoiding risks Part 2. Landlord risks

Risk 1: scammers. Apartment for rent or for sale

First, consider the most common fraud schemes in the residential rental market. Two methods are especially effective: re-renting an apartment in a sub-rental and selling a house using fake documents.

The first method is effective with those owners who go on a long business trip to another city or country and for a long time can not carry out control checks of the apartment. Continue reading

What do we want from a country house?
It would seem that not everyone can afford a house in an organized cottage village with developed infrastructure and a full range of civilization benefits, like a decent apartment in…


Repair that you started
Remember the long children's poem about the house that Jack built? Everyone, probably in childhood, wanted to be in that house with a beautiful picture. But now we have grown…


Cutaway Kitchen
The main benefit for every sane person at work anywhere is convenience! A housewife, whose workplace is limited, as a rule, to the kitchen, can “wind” a dozen kilometers per…


How to protect yourself from the trick when buying a house?
The number of buyers of suburban real estate is growing day by day, along the way, the number of incorrectly executed transactions and typical mistakes is also multiplying. Today, the…