Ecological examination

How to make a repair
How to prepare for it so that you don’t live on suitcases for years, swallowing dust, cursing “shabashnikov” and collecting money for missing materials? Step One: Define Aim First of…

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Cottage beyond the seven seas
It is no secret that real estate abroad is sometimes cheaper than at home. However, when buying, various legal difficulties may arise with the preparation of documents, since the buyer…

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Intelligent building (part 1)
 Technological progress does not stand still. If we consider the issue of introducing the technology of "Intelligent Buildings" on the example of Western companies, then it has become quite customary…

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The earth rose to heaven

For the first quarter, in the most popular settlements of the Kiev region, land has doubled in price.

According to the consulting company SV Development, the maximum price increase was recorded in Vyshgorod – the land went up by 182%, to $ 10.6 thousand per one hundred square meters. Vladimir Stepenko, Marketing Director of SV Development, notes that Kiev-Svyatoshinsky is still the most expensive area in the region, but Obukhov is actively advancing on his heels. According to the results of three months, the highest price was recorded in the Obukhov direction in the village of Kozin – $ 15.3 thousand per one hundred square meters (growth for the quarter was 74%). Irpen was not much behind Kozin, where one hundred square meters of land now costs 15.2 thousand (an increase of 98%). Continue reading

Rent: translate from realtor into Russian

Every profession has its own language, professional vocabulary. There are also specialists working in the real estate market. But there is another, completely special language – the language of advertisements. Suppose you want to rent an apartment …

Most often, you first have to deal with a realtor, and only after that – directly with the owner of the apartment. Thanks to the primary information received from the realtor, one can learn a lot about the apartment before leaving to view the apartment. And even more, if you learn to decipher the realtor “stamps” – the most frequently used phrases from agent announcements about the delivery of apartments. To save your time and nerves, to avoid empty trips and disappointments, we learn to read between the lines. Continue reading

Property in Bulgaria (part 2)

Svetlana Novak reasonably notes that there are not so many places for building a large number of real estate on the Bulgarian coast, so the demand for apartments, houses, villas and mini-hotels is great. According to her information, one-room studio apartments on the coast can be bought from EUR 60 thousand, a house from EUR 70 thousand, and a villa from EUR 90 thousand.

Living fee

Buying a house, the buyer assumes the obligation to pay the necessary taxes and fees. However, they are quite small, and the pleasure of living in a house on the beach and the final return on investment will more than pay off the moral and material costs. Continue reading

Property in Bulgaria (part 1)

For many years, Bulgaria has been a regional summer resort for residents of all Eastern Europe. But Bulgaria today is not only an affordable vacation destination, it is also a country with tremendous investment potential, offering a wide range of opportunities for foreigners to live and do business.

Old friend

Bulgaria seems to Ukraine to be not a neighbor, but there are not so many holidaymakers who have not visited this country and do not know about its attractiveness. It is known to most tourists as a summer seaside resort, beckoning with the warm sun and quality service at moderate prices. Far fewer travelers visited Bulgaria’s winter ski slopes, the total length of which is about 600 km (the length of sandy beaches is 120 km with a coastline of 390 km). Continue reading

The price of housing doubles

The Antimonopoly Committee became interested in prices for Kiev housing. After the resumption of home sales by builders, the price of apartments in new buildings jumped by 7-15% compared to the end of 2006.

According to experts, by the end of March, the price will rise by at least 5%. This means that by the end of the year, the cost of Kiev apartments can once again double. The next jump in prices will be made in May, experts say
Now we can already say that the residential real estate market has come to life. According to the analysts of the construction and investment company Kyiv Zhitlo-Invest, today apartments are sold at 86 facilities. However, only in February, several developers increased the cost of square meters. m for $ 100-500 (see table). Continue reading

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Profitability requirements
The fact that today's investments in suburban real estate promises considerable profit in the future to any participant in this market segment is noteworthy. Prices for objects annually only increase,…


Property in Bulgaria (part 2)
Svetlana Novak reasonably notes that there are not so many places for building a large number of real estate on the Bulgarian coast, so the demand for apartments, houses, villas…


Apartments in prestigious areas of Jerusalem cost less than on the Kiev periphery
In the midst of the New Year’s marathon, fate brought me to the same table with a married couple from Jerusalem, who arrived in warm Kiev in Israel to see…


Intelligent building (part 3)
The board displays information sent both from the projector and written with a conventional marker. You can also control the board by tapping your finger on the surface. These boards…