Ecological examination

Fashion for a healthy lifestyle "push" wealthy residents of Kiev out of town - in cottage towns.
The idea is attractive: a house with all the amenities of a city apartment plus pristine nature. But, having acquired a coveted home and looking around, the happy owner of…

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But on the other hand
Buying a cottage in the village, the buyer must understand some important points. Firstly, the developed infrastructure in most cases will be inherent in those towns that are being built…

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Repair that you started
Remember the long children's poem about the house that Jack built? Everyone, probably in childhood, wanted to be in that house with a beautiful picture. But now we have grown…

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Cutaway Kitchen

The main benefit for every sane person at work anywhere is convenience! A housewife, whose workplace is limited, as a rule, to the kitchen, can “wind” a dozen kilometers per day, running from the stove to the refrigerator, then to the washing machine, then to the sink, etc. A well-planned kitchen interior can make home chores not so tiring.

The main goal of the owner should be comfort and high functionality, when each item of the kitchen interior is not just convenient, but optimal in terms of human needs. All internal space must be created according to the laws of economy.

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How to sell an apartment faster and more expensive?

Have you ever seen a market seller rubbing apples that are on the counter so that the apples shine. Why do you think he does this? He gives them a presentation. The merchant knows very well that such apples will be bought faster and more expensive. He sells them every day and many times. He has tremendous experience in this matter, he can be trusted. We rarely sell apartments, we are absolute amateurs in this matter, so we need to learn from market sellers and do exactly how they are.
Question: Because apples are wiped with a cloth, do they become better, tastier, or do more vitamins appear in them? No, of course, neither better nor worse, nor even cleaner, they do not become, but they are sold faster. So, when selling an apartment or other real estate, you need to do the same thing – bring gloss, spending the minimum amount of money on it. Continue reading

What settlement schemes are possible when buying a property?

The first thing that any buyer of an apartment in a real estate agency will encounter when discussing settlement problems is the passive participation of a realtor in the scheme of transferring money from the buyer to the seller. That is, realtors of course calculate various options for paying for the cost of an apartment, but reality emasculated all the theoretical schemes and reduced them to one – settlements through a bank cell with special access conditions.
All other payment methods – from settlements at the entrance to the issue of letters of credit do not suit clients for one of two reasons – they are either unreliable or too expensive. Roads in the literal and figurative sense. Theoretically, the more legitimate the circuit, the easier it is to ensure its reliability. Typical of the real estate market is that the buyer and seller equally do not want to pay taxes or prove the origin of income. Continue reading

How to get a cottage

Demand, as you know, creates supply. Numerous construction companies thrive on this field, as well as visiting teams, consisting mainly of guest workers. Everything would be fine – you can bargain at prices and achieve quality (provided that all stages of construction, from the choice of materials to finishing, must be kept under constant personal control), but there’s a nuance: after the happy owner of the hacienda Having relaxed, he was finally going to take a break from the disgusting city crowd, and nowhere problems begin to pour on him from nowhere. It turns out that the land allotted for the plot is part of the reserve, or suddenly it is even worse — the area on which the house is built is already owned by someone. Continue reading

Authorities tighten the nuts

The main owner of Class C premises is the Moscow government represented by organizations subordinate to it, such as the Moscow Joint-Stock Company. As confirmed by the Moscow State Joint-Stock Company, they do indeed lease municipal land to private enterprises, but did not give details. Over the past year, the government has twice tried in its own way to restore order in this sector, announcing a decision to increase rates on municipal areas to market levels (from 700 rubles to $ 400 per 1 sq. M per year) and prohibiting the rental of premises in hotels.

Signed by Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, the order forbids from February 1, 2005, administrations of municipal hotels to enter into lease agreements for rooms for office, retail, and services. Continue reading

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