HUD Agent Resources

Update: HUD changed the FHA mortgage process on 10/6/15 . Click here for a summary of the details.

As your HUD LLB (Local Listing Broker) we’re here to help you get through your sales process with as smoothly as possible. HUD sales are different than regular Washington State contracts. We highly recommend you bookmark this site: BLB Resources’ Washington Agent Page. This site has all the BLB specific forms. They do not use state contract pages for most things. The NWMLS form 42 (agency disclosure) is the only real exception.

Let’s highlight a few key items.

  • Contract Submission: You’ve received your bid acceptance, now what? Well, here are the links to the Owner Occupant, Investor and Good Neighbor Next Door contract packages. Use these ones as opposed to what you’ll get from the HUD Homestore. The one’s on BLB’s site are complete and set to autopopulate, making your life much easier.
  • Utility Activation for Inspection/Appraisal: BLB Resources, nor your LLB, process the request to turn on utilities. That’s handled by PKMG. Follow this link to get those utilities on!
  •  Earnest Money: Please follow the example here. In particular, note the Pay To The Order Line. Make it your escrow company OR your buyer’s name (example: First American Title or John Doe). This serves to make your clients life easier if anything happens to the deal and they need their EM back.

Key Process Guidance:

We’ve created a series of videos to help guide you through the HUD Homestore process.